Saturday, 21 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part nine

I decided to remove the modern plastic vents or gills from the hull sides and replace them with sculpted or modelled plastic card gills. The vents were removed by placing a scalpel blade between the vents and the hull and twisting the blade - this did cause some damage, but this was quickly repaired with filler. I cut a strip of 4mm thick plastic card into a tapered or sharp triangle section and then sanded the cut edges smooth. Once I was happy with the profile I glued four gills to each side of the forward hull with superglue. When the glue was fully set, I used a scalpel and sanding sticks to refine the shape. I think the sculpted gills look better than the earlier grey plastic ones.

The hammerhead shark head was further detailed by sanding and the addition of more filler. I was very aware that this particular feature could make-or-break this particular build, So time spent getting it right was in my opinion time well spent.


Friday, 20 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part eight

At long last - the main mast has been fitted. I tapered a cocktail stick by sanding it with a sanding stick and glued it into a 1mm hole into the fore-deck.

The model is 154mm long, 50mm wide (across the head), 25mm wide (across the hull) and 75mm tall (to the top of the mast).

Once again, the hull has been painted with a filler and uPVA glue mix then sanded with fine abrasive pads to smooth out the small imperfections.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part seven

The latest update shows the card keel that was added to the model. The keel was built from three separate pieces of 1mm thick card - it was easier to cut the profile in three parts rather than try to cut it out in one.

The main piece runs from the bow, level with the deck to about 3/4 of the way under the hull, The rear section is about 10mm long and ends in the Anal Fin and the small addition to the very front is just 5mm tall.

All of the individual parts were coated in superglue before being cut and sanded to shape. As you can see the small addition to the bow has still to be sanded back (to reduce the gloss finish of the superglue). Any gaps were filled with the filler/uPVA glue mix.

The Hammerhead Shark head has also been coated with the filler/uPVA glue mix and then sanded smooth.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Military Modelcraft International - January 2006

Regular readers and followers will already know that I enjoy reading various model making magazines; be they model air-plane, model boats, military or railway subjects. I can rarely abstain from picking up magazines with interesting articles or those found for bargain prices in charity shops.

I bought four second-hand issues of Military Modelcraft from e-bay and took them with me when Sue and I visited a Spa Hotel yesterday. The issue from January 2006 had, what is in my opinion one of the very best step-by-step construction and painting articles I had read for some time. So good, in fact that I re-read it just to make sure I was not over-stating it.

BT - 7 Light Tank Under New Management by Simon Barrett 

The four page article was a mix of background information, detailed step-by-step construction notes and interesting painting techniques which were inter-spaced with new to me hints and tips. In summary, just what I like when reading model making articles.....

I would be interested to know if any one else has had a similar experience.

The four magazines were bought for £3.00 with the knowledge that some pages had been removed, even so I consider them to be a bargain. I have decided to remove this particular article and keep it in a separate folder to use as inspiration when I write articles for magazines.

I will be looking out for other articles written by Simon Barrett.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part six

The latest update; and at long last the Hammerhead Sharks head has been modelled.

I have used some scrap Green Foam to model the simple aerofoil section and then, when I was happy with the shape I cut it in half and glued one half to each side of the hull. The shape was refined once the glue was fully set, by sanding with some fine sanding sticks and pads. The upper nose section has been filled with DAS modelling clay and I would expect this to be further detailed once fully hardened.

The gills are sections of plastic floor sections from the Airfix Sci-Fi platform kit. They were cut out with a razorsaw, before being thinned and glued in place with superglue.

The model is 150mm long, 50mm wide (across the head) or 25mm wide (across the hull) and 26mm deep at the central hull.


Monday, 16 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part five

The deck and hull sides continue to get attention. The forward section now has a gun redoubt that will house a cannon on a swivel base. This was built from a section of Biro barrel. Once again the other parts were card glued in place with superglue and then filled with fine filler and uPVA glue before being sanded smooth.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

BS2017 - Hammerhead Shark - part four

The upper hull sides have been modelled from card. I find that card bends and conforms to the curved hull sides better than plastic card. I used superglue to glue these parts into place and then filled any gaps with a filler/uPVA glue mix. Once the filler was fully set, I sanded the sides with both a sanding stick and sanding pads.

The small sets of steps towards the rear of the main deck are just triangles of Pink Foam glued in place with superglue. With every addition of filler and then sanding, the hull sides and hull shape is further refined.