Saturday, 1 October 2016

Snapdragon Studio

For some time I have tried to feature one of my own scratch-built terrain models as the first post of each month (I have enough of them!) For October I thought I would make a change and have featured resin models from the now closed company Snapdragon Studio (or Moondragon as it was later known).

The image above shows an advert offering some of their resin pieces, while the three images below show the individual models in greater detail.

I think Snapdragon resin models were unique in that they were both full of detail as well as offering a 'fairy-tale' or fantasy look, the sort of terrain modelling that I appreciate. Regular readers and followers of the Blog will know of my love of building terrain models and these early Snapdragon castings have inspired many of my own models and influenced my sculpting style.

These models are no longer available and I am disappointing that I don't own any of them, I do however have a dedicated folder on the computer which includes these and many more Snapdragon resin models which I regularly refer to for inspiration.

As stated earlier, the models are no longer available - the sculptor, Kerry Butcher stopped making his scenery around 2004, however they do occasionally come up for sale on e-bay and can be found adorning gaming tables across the country. If I ever see one at a show, you can guarantee that I train my camera on them.

I hope you have enjoyed this tribute to what are in my opinion some of the very best sculpted pieces of wargame terrain ever made.

Thank you Snapdragon.


Friday, 30 September 2016

Ogre Bruiser - finished

As you can see, the Ogre Bruiser is finally finished, gloss varnished, matt varnished and static grass glued to the base. For full details of this conversion and how I painted him - see the earlier posts.

I'm pleased with how this conversion turned out, the use of donor arms from the Clix Mr Hyde figure and the removal of the large sword has meant that I now have a truly unique miniature in my collection.

A real Bruiser.


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What paint brushes do you use?

I was recently asked "What paint brushes do you use?"

Although I have a number of different makes of paint brushes in my tool box, my preferred is the 401 sable/synthetic mix with long handle numbers 2 or 3 from Rosemary & Co full details can be found here.

I like the long handled version as it has a better 'feel' than the short handled version and the sable/synthetic mix offers the best of both worlds with good paint retention and a little bit of 'spring' to the point making it easier to control.

I hope that this helps.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Ogre Bruiser -part six

Part six and the Ogre Bruiser is nearing completion. I have to admit that I am more pleased with this model/conversion than the Trolka Thug from last month. I just need to varnish him and finish off the base with some static grass and he can go and join my boxed Flintloque collection.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Ogre Bruiser - part five

The painting continues. The trousers have been painted off-white, using Snakebite Leather to add a slight cream base colour before highlighting with Skull White/pure white. The gold areas were built-up over dark brown and highlighted with gold. I have also re-painted the red areas with watered-down Blood Red and red ink to add a deeper crimson colour and finally, this Ogre has had his hair painted very dark grey (almost black).


Friday, 23 September 2016

Ogre Bruiser - part four

The uniform was painted in the traditional British Red with green turnbacks and a white sash.

I think this second image shows the conversion better.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Abstract Acrylic Paint reduced at Hobbycraft

Abstract acrylic paint is currently being sold for just £2.00 a pouch at Hobbycraft UK. The quantity of premium quality, high pigment acrylic paint you get for your £2.00 makes it some of the best pound for pound value you can get. I'm not sure this product will remain in Hobbycraft following this promotion so - get it while you can.

My personal experience of this paint is that it is slightly thicker than the paint you get in pots, but can be watered-down and slightly thinner than acrylic paint sold in traditional artists tubes. It has great covering properties and a smooth finish. I have experimented with mixing it with other brands of acrylic paint and have had no problems. Brushes can obviously be cleaned with plain water.